Erupting across the Indonesian archipelago millennia ago, Batik is one of the oldest pattern designs in history. Developed on the island of Java, lines and patterns created in Indonesian batik are particularly symbolic, and in 2009 UNESCO named Batik in Indonesia as a Masterpiece of Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

It’s originality, intricacy and imagination is unrivalled as a fashion style anywhere on earth.

BatikTees wants to bring the timelessness of Batik to a modern audience, through contemporary styled T-Shirts.

Using CPD technology, we use 80% less water than conventional dying techniques, to bring you premium cotton T-Shirts.

Combining tradition and modernity shouldn’t be a choice. It should be a daily possibility.


All products are designed and manufactured with the utmost ethical standards in Indonesia.

We currently support shipping to Indonesia, Australia, United States, Singapore, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada and Netherlands.